The Artist jordan sitting in a wood kiln

Who is High Country Art?

My name is Jordan Munro and I am the owner/artist of High Country Art!


I am a 2019 Emily Carr University BFA graduate


I also completed an artist residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

January-April & October/November 2020

What is my art about?

My art practice dabbles between two worlds.

One is series of functional items, that is decorated with Albertan motifs, the spooky occult and knives. This fills my obsession with the handmade beauty of everyday items.

The second is based around food security, social practice and the dissemination of knowledge between generations. I create large ceramic vessels. From this I bring together communities in order to create an opportunity to have conversation on the technical knowledge on how to use them. Everytime something is made, knowledge is shared. Creating a space for future generations to continue the conversation about food security and independence.