Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce screen printed onto a canvas patch

A Deep Dive into Fish-Themed Pottery and Screen Printing

Rediscovering a Passion for Fish-Themed Pottery

Lately, I've been absolutely in love with fish-themed pottery, particularly designs inspired by tinned mackerel graphics. My fascination began with a specific brand of canned mackerel in tomato sauce from Norway. The vibrant packaging and charming illustration sparked a creative journey that led me to explore the world of fish-inspired art.

Drawing Inspiration: From Tinned Mackerel to Hand-Drawn Graphics

My love for this unique packaging didn't stop at mere admiration. It inspired me to dive deeper and create my own graphics, focusing on different fish like cod and halibut. Each illustration became a canvas for me to experiment with shapes, lines, and colors, bringing these magnificent creatures to life in my own unique style.

Studio Overhaul: Enhancing My Screen Printing Setup

To take my art to the next level, I decided to completely revamp my studio screen printing setup. The goal was simple: to share new graphics faster and more efficiently. This overhaul included upgrading equipment, reorganizing the workspace, and fine-tuning my processes to ensure high-quality prints every time.

Expanding Horizons: Custom Shirts and Patches

With my upgraded setup, I'm not just stopping at pottery. The new equipment allows me to venture into creating custom shirts and patches. These wearable art pieces are a fantastic way to share my love for fish-themed designs with a broader audience. Each shirt and patch becomes a unique statement, showcasing the intricate beauty of marine life.

Looking Ahead: Exciting New Projects

As I continue to explore this creative journey, I'm filled with excitement for the projects ahead. I have plans for new pottery pieces that incorporate the tinned mackerel graphic, as well as fresh designs featuring different fish species. The possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to share these new creations with you.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out my latest work. Whether it's a new piece of pottery, a custom shirt, or a detailed patch, I hope my fish-themed art brings a splash of joy and creativity to your life.

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